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[ROM] HTC Droid Incredible MIUI.us v4 ICS (4-27-12)

ROM HTC INC MIUI Incredible Droid Mark ItsMarkHoj

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Posted 08 June 2012 - 12:42 PM

Posted Image [ROM] HTC Droid Incredible MIUI.us v4 ICS (4-27-12)

Presents the Official

Droid Incredible MIUI V4[/CENTER]

Click Here For Changelog

  • Weekly MIUI v4 ICS
    Android 4.0.4 (Full Rom)
    Working OpenGL (HWA)
    4-1 reboot
    Evervolv libs, boot image, and other necessary parts
What Works:
  • Radio (Phone and SMS)
  • Data 3G/1X
  • Wifi
  • GPS
  • Audio (in call and media)
  • Speakerphone
  • Camera
  • mms
  • bluetooth (some say requires reboot to enable)
  • native screen shot
  • gallery
  • adb
  • sd card
  • CRT Screen Off
  • Sensors (afaik)
  • market and market downloads (look at notes for download size warning)
What Doesn't work/issues:
  • Camcorder (video recording)
  • some experience kernel panic reboots/hot reboots
  • some lag
  • You tell me
  • MIUI.us
  • leeech
  • 0xD34D/lithium76 (miui.us/xda username)
  • Super (superkid_tweets twitter name)
  • nitsuj17
  • BeansTown106
  • Wildstang83
  • paul_viscious
  • wdfowty
  • anyone else i missed (say something and i'll be sure to add you)
Info Links:
Miui.us: http://miui.us/
Support thread on Miui.us: http://forums.miui.u....CS-(4-22-2012)
Evervolv thread: http://androidpassio....elix-5-3-2012/

Alternate Launchers:
(for those that like miui, but not its launcher)
Nova Launcher: https://play.google.....5sYXVuY2hlciJd
Apex Launcher: https://play.google.....mxhdW5jaGVyIl0.

5.4.12[*]Ported with new Evervolv build[*]Updated to Miui.us 5.4.12 build

  • Center Clock Mod
  • Smali Edits (for battery life)
  • 2.4.27 miui.us weekly build (android 4.0.4)
  • 4-1 reboot (0xD34D's code, i ported it in)
  • emmc read by native apps
  • rebased off evervolv (should be sticking with this from now on)
  • english lock screen (beanstown's port)
  • maybe more
Q: Will you be continuing work on this in the future... and when can we expect MIUIv4 weekly?
A: Yes, I do plan on continuing work on MIUI v4 for the OG Inc. It has been an amazing device and the MIUI.us team has been even more amazing; and yes, you can expect ports weekly. Unfortunately, i'm a full time student working two jobs, and volunteer coaching. So some things may come before this. I'll do my best to get them out in a timely fashion though.

Q: Why doesn't (insert issue) work???????
A: Well it could be 1) my fault as I haven't gotten it working yet 2) an issue introduced by a particular weekly build of MIUI 3) it doesnt work in INC aosp ics yet.

Q: How can I help out?
A: Short of taking over the port for me, testing and bug reporting is the biggest help you can give. I may not always reply to the posts, but I do in fact read them. I put a lot of effort and time into these builds and hope to make them the best that I can. ... however anyone interested in contributing or working with me on it and has experience with making roms and smali/xml editing, let me know via pm or twitter (@itsmarkhoj)

Bug Reporting Guidelines:
Consider the following "Big Five" Statements:
  • I have been able to Reproduce this bug.
  • I have attetempted a Full Wipe and Re-Flash
  • I have checked and can confirm that this bug has not already been reported.
  • i have read the ENTIRE post and followed its instructions TO-The-'T' (and still experience this bug... and IT IS NOT A NOTED BUG IN THE OP).
  • i have NOT restored from a Gingerbread backup
  • DO NOT post a bug-report if any of these are FALSE

    When posting a bug-report, format is as follows:
  • One Sentence describing the bug
  • Affirm that the "big Five" statements are true.
  • Instructions for reproducing the bug
  • a logcat output for the FATAL EXCEPTION (if the bug is an app crash or reboot), or "df" output (if the bug relates to low free storage space). to get the output, run "adb logcat > pathtotextfile" or "adb shell df > pathtotextfile" as appropirate.
  • Any other useful information.
Bug reports which do not follow the above procedure do not help me or development on the incredible

Donations are ALWAYS appreciated, but NEVER expected! (I do put them to good use in saving for new devices though, and to justify spending all the time i spend on this lol) I like doing this, and just hitting thanks, or saying something positive makes me feel it's worth continuing the work.


2.24.27r1 MIUI v4: http://forums.miui.u....7093#post67093
Inc Specific Gapps (required): http://www.mediafire...bt69rcaipb1nb4k

HWA is included, so the only alternate kernels that work are kernels with HWA support. These are the latest Tiamat kernels and the Incredikernel test releases / beta1.
Tiamat kernels can be found here.
Incredikernel HWA Beta can be found here.

Optional Extras:
Swype Beta: http://www.mediafire...l5brukdug885u6u
SD Widget: http://www.mediafire...ta47fu8tcvx4yod
Facebook Contact Sync: http://tinyurl.com/7snt9sw


note, if you have "download size limit" popup. Downloads, menu, settings, Data download prompt, un check. Attached Thumbnails
http://forum.xda-dev...=1&d=1329848727   http://forum.xda-dev...=1&d=1329848727   http://forum.xda-dev...=1&d=1329848727   http://forum.xda-dev...=1&d=1329848727

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Posted 08 June 2012 - 12:43 PM

it is highly recommended to do full wipe between flashes.

data/factory reset


fix permission


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Posted 08 June 2012 - 12:43 PM

Another just in case..

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