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[FIX] 3g Data drops on GB Sense Roms

FIX Mod 3G Data Drop Sense GB Condemned Eris HTC

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 04:49 PM

Posted Image [FIX] 3g Data drops on GB Sense Roms

I've seen a lot of this in the 3.0 Sense ROM threads and experienced it as well. This is a solution that worked for me on my Incredible and when I tried it on my Eris it worked on that as well. If you want to try it out please do and report your results here whether it worked for you or not so others can decide for themselves whether or not to try it as well.

It seems like there is something strange that goes on when using *228 with the Sense Roms ported from another carrier. Though it hasn't been determined yet where the problem finally lies there has been a work around that has worked for others, myself included. It just requires a little bit of your time to complete it. The process requires unrooting your Eris, activating and updating your PRL, then rooting and flashing your preferred rom. I know this sounds like a lot of work however, thanks to great people such as bftb0, amon-ra, j-case, and scary alien, it's not as much work nor as complicated as it sounds Posted Image

This also works for fixing issues with sending and receiving sms/mms. I do recall that with the texting issue that can be fixed by flashing xtrSense. It has not yet been confirmed if using xtrSense works with the 3g data drops or not but I have had PM's from users that don't have enough posts do post in the dev section confirming that this procedure worked for others having the data issues.

1. Download the FlashBack21 v2 made by bftb0 from here:

2. Flash the flashback ROM as you would any other ROM. (Yes this will remove amon recovery and your phone will be completely stock)

3. When your phone boots go through and setup everything as normal. Once that's done dial *228 and select option 1 to activate your phone.

4. After your phone reboots dial *228 again and choose option 2 to update roaming capabilities. Your phone will again reboot after it's completed.

5. Download j-case's recently modded 1-click root app modded by scary alien. You can get this from the following link and scroll to Scenario 5. This will also install amon-ra recovery that Scary alien modified for track-ball optional.... yes.. it's goofy trackball friendly Posted Image

6. Be sure you have the setting checked to allow 3rd party apps to be installed in Settings>applications, copy the 1-click to your sd card and using astro or another file manager install the app and run it.

7. Reboot into your freshly installed recovery and flash your favorite ROM and enjoy having no more 3g data drops.

**Just remember... until the root of the conflict is resolved. Do not use *228 on the 3.0 Sense ROMs.

Please be sure to hit the thanks button on the linked threads to show your appreciation for the work these guys have done on the flashback to stock and everything else. This isn't something they put together in a few minutes and they don't have to do any of it for us. If you don't have an AF account to thank Scary Alien hopefully he will post in this thread soon as well and you can thank him here Posted Image

As always.. what you do with your phone is your ultimate responsibility and not that of anyone else. No one in any of these threads is responsible for anything that may happen while using any of their work.
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