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[MOD] Full Throttle (Data Throttle Removal) Updated! 11/6/11

MOD Full Throttle DTR HTC Eris Droid Condemned

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 04:37 PM

Posted Image [MOD] Full Throttle (Data Throttle Removal) Updated! 11/6/11

First and foremost thanks to wildstang for the how to for this mod. His original thread can be found here. He told me a long time ago I should do this on the Eris and I kept putting it off lol. I've made mods up for a handful of ROM's so far and will do more as I have the time or on a per request basis.

For starters here is a little about this mod:

1. What does this do?
This modifies the services.jar file located in system/framework, that allows you to have an un-throttled data access. You don't have to worry about modifying anything yourself.

2. Will this make my Data faster?
In some cases, YES. This has NO effect on actual phone signal. This only takes the throttle off, so you can download, or play games and not have to worry about it hitting a certain peak and lagging from that point on.

3. If I flash this, will it break my phone?
Sort-of. This will cause Force Closes when you try to select Mobile Network in Settings. Thats the only thing you should notice. You can still kill Data with a widget or any other sort-of alternative way you want to. This should not physically harm your phone though.

4. Will this work on any ROM?
Yes. This is not based off a particular ROM, and can be used with ANY HTC Droid Eris ROM. ALTHOUGH If you're Dev has made changes to the services.jar file, this could wipe those changes out. If you are unsure, ask your dev. In any case you may send me your services.jar and I will look at it for you.

Recommended Install procedures:
1. Place Rom on my SD Card along with DTR.
2. Reboot into Recovery.
3. Wipe everything that is supposed to be wiped.
4. Flash Rom.
6. Skip setup and go straight to settings.
This part is important!!!
7. Go into Settings/Wireless & networks/Mobile Networks.
8. I set my data to always connected and data roaming on. Set yours to your preferences now.... keep in mind once you flash the DTR you will not be able to access this menu! Thats why its important to do it now!
9. Reboot into Recovery.
10. Flash the DTR and reboot the phone.

The key is to do all of this as quickly as possible. The reason why is because as soon as you boot your phone, your phone will start syncing. Its syncing your contacts and other stuff as well. Some of that other stuff also includes where you are on your usage of your data plan. If it detects that you are over limit it will then activate the throttle process. A little more on this. This DTR does not actually REMOVE the throttle per say. It simply removes the files that the phone system uses to BUILD the throttle. Without the needed throttle files the phone won't be able to set up the throttle which in turn means you will be running at full network data speed. Now do you see why this is important to do this quickly?

Now for the links.....

Official CM for Eris

GSB DeOdexed - Important note! This will not work on the odexed version of GSB!

Condemned CM7

Gin-Tazz CM7




As always.. What you do with your phone is strictly on you and no one else. Always do a nand backup before flashing in case you have issues or want to undo what you've done.
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