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[THEME] For Theme Chooser Cyan Dragon & Skulls V1.7 Froyo, CM 7

Theme Eric HTC Droid CM7 Cyanogen Condemned Dragon Skulls Froyo

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 04:15 PM

This is a preliminary release for anyone that wants to help find bugs for me. Cyan Skulls and Dragons V1 for CM7 Theme Chooser. Download the apk and install like an app. Select the theme in Theme Chooser. When you get the error that it's missing assets for this device hit apply anyway. Once it's done reboot. I still have some things to add and change but it's mostly complete Posted Image Posted Image

The keyboards shown below can be flashed from recovery and can now be used with CM7 as well. Posted Image

NOTE: When using this theme you need to turn off display battery percentages in CM settings to get the battery icon to work properly.

Anyone having problems with Theme Chooser displaying themes I've put together a zip you can flash from recovery to bring your themes back Posted Image

Theme Chooser Fix

Cyan Skulls V2.4 - Updated Skulls theme to add the same fixes and extras added below to Dragon theme and rebuilt theme. No more need to flash the Theme Chooser fix. Will work on any Theme Chooser version with no errors.

Cyan Dragon V2.4 - Updated 4/8/2011. Reworked theming of Launcher2, LauncherPro, and Go Launcher. Added new wallpaper courtesy of drakko1980. Redid a lot of the menu as well to fix cut-off text. Now being built completely in Linux with T-Mobile modified SDK which means no need to flash the Theme Chooser fix anymore. You also shouldn't get the missing assets error anymore. Posted Image

If you want to add the skull sliders I have put them into a metamorph file because Theme Chooser does not support lock screen theming. Remember to do a nand backup just in case you need it or if you want to revert the sliders to stock for some reason Posted Image lol. Thanks Jonathanphx1 for the input on the metamorph file. There will be one for Dragons as well once I get the theme ready. Rememer This is a Metamorph file, NOT a flashable zip for the sliders!

The sliders can also be installed using ZipThemer which is free from the market and easy to use. It creates an update zip you can flash from recovery and also creates a backup of your current setup in case you want to revert back to the original sliders without having to do a nandroid backup/restore. Posted Image I personally prefer ZipThemer to Metamorph but it's your choice. Posted Image

Skull Sliders

Dragon Sliders

Both versions have been updated for Tazz V7 and GSB 1.7. As long as I can get them time to get everything finished up tis will hopefully be the final update as a flashable zip and this theme will be moved to Theme Chooser. We'll see how time allows it to happen though lol. Flash from recovery and while your there don't forget to do a backup!

Cyan Skulls for Tazz CM 7 V7

Cyan Skulls For GSB 1.7 CM 7

Wallpaper from Skulls Screenshot

Cyan Dragon For Tazz CM 7 V7

Cyan Dragon For GSB 1.7 CM7

Wallpaper from Dragon Screenshot

Ok guys, here it is.. Finally got through resizing and repatching the all the framework .9's again and things are looking much better Posted Image. V 1.7 still has the 1% battery gauge it's just been fully repatched. I have not put any keyboards into the theme, I thought it was just as easy for you to flash the keyboard of your choice. Posted Image

This is a flashable zip and be sure to backup as always before flashing! You're broken phone is not my problem Posted Image
Thanks to slayer69 for allowing me to port this awesome theme from the EVO and also to Bad Seed Customs for their great work! Thanks also to macrodroid for his help with some of my questions, tazzpatriot for everything, and workshed for his help and support as well!

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

The original can be found here and if you like it please be sure to thank slayer69 for giving me the ok to port it over!

The Droid Incredible version by fernando sor can be found here!

Cyan Dragon 1.7 for CELB 4.3

Cyan Dragon 1.7 for Tazz V28

Cyan Dragon 1.7 for FroShedYo Vanilla

Cyan Dragon 1.7 for FroShedYo V10

Cyan Dragon 1.7 for Kaos Froyo


Cyan Skulls 1.7 for CELB

Cyan Skulls 1.7 for Tazz 28

Cyan Skulls for FroShedYo Vanilla

Cyan Skulls for FroShedYo 10

Cyan Skulls for Kaos Froyo

I am also currently working on Cyan Dragon for XtrSense as well Posted Image

Thanks to Stoney 666 and fernando sor we have a gingerbread keyboard with some cyan mixed in it ready to flash from recovery. Also thanks to fernando sor for letting me do some resizing and getting his sweet black and blue facebook app along with his cyan xda app on our Eris, also flashed through recovery. I would suggest removing facebook from system/app and xda app from data/app prior to flashing these apps as well as doing a dalik-cache wipe. Posted Image Screen shots are below.

Gingerbread keyboard
Posted Image

Thanks again to Stoney 666 for this sexy keyboard!
Posted Image

My Cyan Oval keys Gingerbread keyboard.
Posted Image

Black & Blue Facebook
Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted Image

Cyan XDA
Posted ImagePosted Image

Thanks slayer69 for this cyan version of Go! SMS... same with the other apps, remove from /data/app and wipe dalvik-cache before flashing. To get the look in the screenshot that goes well with this theme go to settings in Go! SMS, themes, and select iPhone theme. Then setup the rest as you like!

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