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[THEME][TWEAK] CM7 Lockscreen Rings 06/04/12 - 68 Rings

Cm7 Lockscreen Rings Inc Incredible Mods Tweaks Theme Droid HTC

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 04:06 PM

First off i want to thank:
Synisterwolf: For getting me started in all this, for creating metamorphs, Icons, and everything else listed in Post 3,4, and 5 for our phones including non-Incredibles! All of his work will be in those three posts and he will be updating it frequently. Also, if you have any questions pertaining to applying a theme to a non-Incredible he's your guy.

The following rootzwiki/xda members who have contributed to Ring ideas or provided images for us to work with:


CyanogenMod: For making one of the greatest ROM's of all time.

OK so to make it easy on us we decided to make all the center color and rings customized to fit your needs upon request. If you like a ring that I've made, but want a custom center color? Please post the request and one of us will make it ASAP.

In the mean time I will be making more rings and Synister will be making more Colored Icons. Once he runs out of center colors he will take any wild request you may have. Please enjoy the work we've done and if you like it, please hit the thanks button.

We will be making flashable zips upon request.

The Rings

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image


Posted ImagePosted Image

These are Metamorph Zips and must be applied through an application available for free from the app market called "METAMORPH". All of these zips I am providing to you are for the Droid Incredible ONLY. However, should you have a phone other than the Incredible, Synister can help create a metamorph zip that will work for you! Simply upload your framework-res.apk and he will work on it as soon as he is able.
Please note also that any of the images WITHOUT a cut out center will have added files to replace your stock buttons to give them a transparency (and some invisible) effect so as to allow you to enjoy the entire image.
The last file in this list will be a metamorph to return both your rings and buttons back to normal/stock.
All of my rings with exception to the top 4 have an activated "Glow" ability when pressed. When I have the time, I will make the top 4 have the same ability.
Also, for anyone who would like me to edit their file so that the "widget Icons" are smaller than the pressed ring (like in the stock version) please pm me and I will do it for you Posted Image Eventually, I will modify all the zips to have that correct size.... eventually...

IF THIS DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU, there is an alternative method. There is a more updated program called "ThemeZipper". It's free and you can download it from the app market. What it will do, is take the metamorph zip file and automatically create a flashable version of that theme for you! Just search for the file with the button on the far left, and create. It will also conveniently create a flashable "Un-Do" file at your request in the event something goes wrong or you're caught in boot loops.

Thanks to user Byrong for providing information on this helpful app alternative.

Make sure that you do a nandroid before attempting to use these files. Both Synister and Myself will not be held accountable for any boot loops, file loss, or bricking. We are providing these themes for your enjoyment and we hope that they work for you! Should you have any technical questions or need help, feel free to PM either one of us or post it in this thread.

Tron Blue: Download
Tron Honeycomb: Download
Tron White: Download
Tron Evil: Download
Candy Ghost: Download
Team In Training: Download
Team In Training V2: Download
Target: Download
Shuriken: In The Works...
Sharingan: Download
Sense: Download
Rasengan: Download
Neon Tube: In The Works...
Neon Tron: Download
Neon: In The Works...
Neon Ghost: Download
Dragon: In The Works...
Butterfly: In The Works...
Neohazard: Download
Medal of Honor: Download
MDot: Download
MDotV2: Download
Magic Circle: Download
Luminous Tron: Download
Luminous Ghost: Download
Live Strong: Download
Kaleidoscope: Download
Jedi: Download
Jack Skelington: Download
Iron Man: Download
Illusion: Download
iJolly Roger: Download
Ice Tron: Download
Ice Ghost: Download
Honey Bread Ghost: Download
Fire Tron: Download
Fire Ghost: Download
DROID: Download
Batman: Download
Dark Sense: Download
Superman: Download
Shamrock: Download
Mortal Kombat: Download
Baked Bubble: Download
Mario Crest: Download
3D: Download
Sik Skull: Download
Honeycombed: Download
Semper Fi: Download
Semper Fi V2: Download
Semper Fi V3: Download
Iowa Hawk Eyes: Download
Iowa Hawk Eyes V2: Download

Invisible Honeycomb: Download
Football: Download
Aparrition: Download
Apparition V2: Download
Apparition San Jose Sharks: Download
Honeycomb theme V2: Download
Apparition San Jose Sharks Flat Black: Download
Apparition San Jose Sharks Glow Black: Download
Ruby Cyanogenmod Andy: Download
Loli Apparition: Download
Loli Apparition Swirled: Download
ICS Theme Honeycombed: Download
Apparition White Flat: Download
Apparition Teal Swirl Flat: Download
Apparition Teal Flat: Download
Dragonring V2 (Created By Bengals 1975): Download
Apparition Teal Swirl Flat 3: Download
Apparition Teal Swirl Flat 4: Download

Return to Stock: Download

Posted Image

Revolutionizing the Android Community.


Posted Image

Tampered, S-OFF, Running Android 4.0.3 ICS

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 04:14 PM

ZipThemer Zip's
I highly recommend ZipThemer. Its a lot easier than Metamorph with a better chance of not getting a boot loop. Here is a little guide for the basics of

Please post request of colors you would like to see.

The Rings
Posted Image

Center Colors
Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Center ColorsMini Rings. (made them smaller so they look better.)Blue Rings:White Rings:Evil Rings:Honeycomb RingsGo back to stock rings.

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