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[ROM] Nils' Business GingerSense 3.0 GB2.3.4 (9/14/11 V2.3)

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Posted 11 June 2012 - 03:24 PM

[ROM] Nils' Business GingerSense 3.0 GB2.3.4 (9/14/11 V2.3)
My latest attempt at a Sense 3.0 ROM

It is a combination of my port of the Latest OTA Sensation/Shooter ROMs, Latest Inc OTA, and the good stuff from my Business GingerSense 2.1/3.0 ROM

Screenshots at the bottom

  • Extended Power Menu (with 4 in 1 reboot)
  • Quick Settings tab in notifications menu
  • Removed recent apps in pulldown
  • Music works on EMMC (Internal Storage)
  • PC Mount of SD Card and EMMC work
  • Re-Mappable right Rosie launcher button- Change in Apps Rosie Settings
  • Lockscreen with buttons and themes - Change in Personalization
  • All of the 3.0 stuff like enhanced messaging, mail, 3D widgets, etc.
  • Built in screenshot (Hold Power then Home together)
  • Task Manager
  • Polaris
  • Colorized Icons (Based on mine plus thanks to various XDA users)
  • Lots of transparency
  • Removed Bloatware
  • Latest Google apps from market
  • ES File Explorer
  • Netflix
  • Picasa
  • Black keyboard in addition to stock (Enable in settings then text box)
  • ROM Manager
  • SuperUser
  • DSP Manager (EQ)
  • Rooted
  • ZipAligned
  • Check Settings > Applications for what can easily be removed
See post 3 for additional updates, changes, recommendations, and add-ons


▪ Clockworkmod Recovery 3.x ( for Amoled and for SLCD)
▪ Radio 2.x (Try different ones to see which works best for you. I am using the 05.02 radio)
▪ hboot 0.92 Required (See this post #635 for hboot 0.92 and instructions)
▪ A Full Wipe Highly Recommended! (Required if this is the first version you are installing)

NOTE: Will not flash over anything but this ROM.
  • Copy ROM to root of the SDCARD
  • Either use ROM Manager (Preferred with Wipe) to install it or boot into recovery and install it that way
NOTE: Be patient on first boot since it may sit for a few minutes

DISCLAIMER: As usual, flash at your own risk and don't forget to backup your current installation before flashing.


Version 2.3 >> Download
NOTE: MD5 = On Download Site

IMPORTANT: Won't flash over anything unless I say otherwise.

RULE OF THUMB: If you choose to flash over without a wipe and have lags, FC's, things missing, or things just don't work right then flash again with a complete wipe

If you have trouble after flashing or stuck on splash screen do the following:
  • Pull battery
  • Make sure your on hboot .92
  • Make sure your on CWM 3x or higher
  • Enter recovery
  • Wipe cache on main menu
  • Wipe dalvik in advanced
  • Format data, system, and cache in mounts
  • Re-Flash ROM from SD Card
  • ReBoot

Couple of links:

My HTC Rezound ROM's: Here
My HTC Incredible ROM's: Here or Here
My Personal Page: Here
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Posted 11 June 2012 - 03:24 PM

Known Problems, Limitations, and Changes:

Known Problems
As far as I can tell the only thing not working 100% is the

* Camera will not save on EMMC (Internal Storage) - Works for some but no guarantee it will work forever
Fix: Save to SD Card
* Sizing of images in Gallery cuts off about 1/3 of right image (No impact of functionality)
* Sizing of PC connect screen slightly too tall (No impact of functionality)

To be done:
Not sure

Change log:

Version 2.3
  • Fixed some minor things
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated ROM Manager
  • Added black on white MMS
  • More tweaks
  • More Theming
Version 2.2

Updated Kernel with working WiFi and init.d processing - Thanks to Jermaine & Tiny
Added HTC Keyboard with arrows
Added Android keyboard (Now you have 3 choices)
Updated ROM Manager to support CWM5x[*]Fixed Stock application and widget
Changed back to Rosie 4x4 App drawer (5x4 in post 3)
Remove Connected Media Sharing until I can get a working DLNA
More theming

Version 2.1
Resized all widgets (FriendStream, Mail, etc)
Added Stock app
Added Quickoffice (Replaced Polaris)
Couple of other minor fixes

Version 2.0
Updated to 2.3.4 with a little from EVO 3D Latest Release/Inc OTA
Reduced size of zip by stripping unusable stuff in framework
Increased RAM
New OTA Kernel
CRT screen off
New DSP Manager with auto EQ
New display settings
Inc2 3G Icons
Stock silver lock ring (many options available in theme forum)
Most recent Google market Apps
More new icons

Version 1.6
Increased available RAM
Updated YouTube
Fixed camera sound
Fixed text bubble to read better

Version 1.5
Reduced ROM size by 12Meg
Increased available RAM
Re-Sized clock widget
Removed SpareParts - causing battery problems and most things don't work on GB anyway.
Removed excess libs and bin files
Added Google Street
Added Picasa for gallery
Back to new market with build.prop fixes (Old market in post 3)
build.prop performance tweaks
Enlarged the icons on Rosie launcher bar
Of course more theming in apps like mail

Version 1.4
White on Black MMS to fix missing vtext ID
Added AdobeReader
Updated GAPPS (Gmail)
Went with prior version of Market until the new market works right (Black Themed)
Market missing apps fixed
VVM and Backup assistant enabled (install from market)
A few other fixes

Version 1.3
Rosie: 5x4 app drawer, remap right button, generic icon
Panorama camera also removes mirror app (Thanks to newtoroot)
Fixed black on black unreadable messaging widget
More theming

Version 1.2
V2.1 Camera/Camcorder (720P now works thanks to newtoroot)
Black inverted MMS with lockscreen fix (thanks to newtoroot)
VoiceDialer added
More theming
More tweaking

Version 1.1
Fixed hidden WiFi SSID problem
Fixed Messaging background/text problem
Added RAM management script by Jwue
Fixes for latest market
Removed T-Mobile in phone ID (Wipe to see this)
Updated ES FIle Manager
Updated GAPPS
A little more theming to make icons consistent

Version 1.0
Initial release

Couple of links:

My HTC Rezound ROM's: Here
My HTC Incredible ROM's: Here or Here
My Personal Page: Here
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#3 Nils



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Posted 11 June 2012 - 03:25 PM

Add-Ons, Mods and Recommendations

Interested in doing your own theming? Check out the Ultimate Online Theme Kitchen

Lets you select battery styles, icons for all over, task bar mods, and even boot animations.

Use the framework-res.apk, com.htc.resources.apk, and SystemUI.apk from the ROM zip folder

Helpful hints on battery life:
  • Look in Settings > Accounts & Sync and make sure you are not syncing anything you don't care about like news and stocks, etc. Leave them to update when opened. Same with E-Mail.
  • Go into the people/contacts and make sure you are only syncing contacts you need. For example I use Outlook and turned off Google and phone.
  • Turn off WiFi when you are not in range or need it. I boosted the search frequency time but it still helps to not have it searching at all
  • Adjust screen brightness to say 50% then put it on auto.
  • In Settings > Location turn off GPS and Phone Finder. That assumes you don't care about Phone Finder.
  • In Settings > Privacy turn off automatic backups if you don't use them
  • In Settings > Power turn of efficiency
  • In Settings > Applications > Manage Applications uninstall ES File Explorer and HTC_IME mod (My black keyboard) if you don't use them. EFS runs in the background all the time.
  • In Settings > Applications > Manage Applications uninstall Netflix if you don't use it.
  • Look in Settings > Applications and see if you have any apps that run all the time that you don't really use and uninstall them.
If I think of more I will add them.

Most of these use battery but also use RAM so you can save on both.

================================================== ========
Possible fix for 3G drops

If you are experiencing either 3G drop or slow 3G speed it could be because a prior ported Sprint ROM may have corrupted something with your VZW setup. Happens when a ROM is not completely de-sprinted. Following this appears to help.
  • Do a Nandroid backup while 3G is working
  • Wipe everything
  • Flash this ROM Stock leaked Gingerbread ROM but rmk40
  • Don't worry about a full setup just accept and skip through eveyrthing
  • Do a *228 option 1 the option 2
  • Make a call to make sure it work OK
  • Wipe everything again in recovery. Does not hurt to format Cache, dalvik, System and data. DO NOT FORMAT SD CARD
  • Do a Nandroid restore from the backup made in first step
  • Wipe Cache and Dalvik
  • Reboot

Flash-able Add-Ons and Mods

NOTE: These will only work on this ROM unless you rename the folders in the zip files to another ROM's layout

Black Lockring for v2.x Here

Android Keyboard Here

HTC Keyboard - No Arrows Here

Rosie Launcher - 5x4 App Drawer for 2.4 or above Here

Rosie Launcher - Stock right button and 4x4 app drawer Here

Mod to improve RAM usage Here (already in 1.4 and above)
NOTE: Thanks to Juwe for this script

Turn off Ad Block Here

Black Inverted Messaging Here (Thanks Newtoroot)

Stock Black on White Messaging Here

Black Old Style Vending (Market) Here (Flash in recovery, boot, then tap to install in /data/system.app/Vending.apk)

Font - DeJavuSans Here
Font - Inc S Here
Font - Desire Here
Font - Stock 2.1/3.0 ROM Here
Font - Stock 3.0 (This ROM) Here


Latest OTA Kernel with WiFi and init.d working Here (Thanks Tiny and Jermaine for your help)


  • Rename whichever one you download to just PB31IMG.zip by removing ()' and everything in between
  • Copy to root of SD Card (Card must be formatted FAT32)
  • Reboot phone into bootloader
  • Wait for bootloader to find it
  • Press volume-up when prompted
  • Press volume-up to reboot when finished and prompted

NOTE: Do not do anything with the phone when it is installing radio

Radio- Here

Radio- Here

Radio- Here

Radio- Here

Couple of links:

My HTC Rezound ROM's: Here
My HTC Incredible ROM's: Here or Here
My Personal Page: Here
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Posted 11 June 2012 - 03:25 PM

One More

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