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1. Posting content on Android Revolutions

We want to keep our forums open to all members of the public of all age groups. To do so we ask that all members not use fowl language when posting. Posting of vulgar text or images are not acceptable and will be subject to disciplinary action. Do not post racist, sexist, pornographic or generally hateful posts, comments, or pictures on our site. We understand that our users are located all around the world and can be of any age, so we ask that every member please be respectful to your fellow members.

2. Rooting materials and other content

Android Revolutions is NOT a host site for your illegal content including: Warez, Paid Market Applications (without developer consent), or any other form of software piracy or illegal activity. If this material is found on our site, it will be removed and the violator will be subject to disciplinary action from our staff including but not limited to temporary ban, deletion of the account, and report to authorities.

Regarding posting work that contains proprietary work, ie: kernels, RIL, Roms, hacks, ect- please ensure that you (the developer / themer / hacker) are the official license holder of such works. Keep in mind that we can not tell if work posted by a user from this site belongs to them or yourself. If you feel your work has been stolen or has been shared without your consent, please notify ANY staff member and we will resolve this as quickly as possible. Although we are in no way "legal professionals", we are still tasked with keeping this site a safe place. If you are asked for source, please provide your source or your work will be removed from our site. If we deem that there is a severe case of misconduct, the violator may be removed if they do not become compliant.

3. Language

English is the official language of We ask that all our members post only in English. We respect all of our members and understand that not everyone speaks our language. We ask that you please try to translate your message from your native language to English and post it along with your original message. Please understand, non-english posts found on our site most likely will be translated to english and you may receive a gentle reminder to use English on our site.

4. Selling Products and off-site linking

Please do not use our site to 'spam' members with advertisements for your products. If you would like to advertise on, please contact an Admin beforehand. Posts made more than once or in multiple sections of the site may be considered spam at the discretion of our staff which could result in having it removed and the poster receiving a warning.

Off site linking is okay provided the site you are linking to does not require a member to sign up or limit them to posting in a general section until they hit a specific number of posts.

Links to hosting sites for one's roms, mods, themes, etc is okay. However, do not link to pirated, warez, or any other illegal software. If links are found, we will have to take disciplinary action deemed fit by our Staff.

5. PayPal and Donation

Although donations are never expected, they are appreciated. It is a choice made by the members of our site to donate to a developer or the site. Promised Donations for future product ie: "If you make this, I will donate to you.", are not allowed on this site and will not be tolerated. "Bounty threads" are okay if the bounty thread isn't forced onto a developer, themer, hacker, etc. The staff at Android Revolutions is NOT responsible for such threads nor will we police them. It is up to the members to be honest and fair.

6. Stealing is just that: STEALING

From time to time we understand components of an open source 'work' will be used within someone else's 'work'. Typically, we wouldn't consider this stealing or kanging. However, we do ask that if you do use code from any other source that was not originally yours, please state that fact in your thread/post. ALWAYS give credit for outside source that is not of your own.

Outright theft or stealing of someone else's source is not tolerated. Violators will be asked to prove that it is there work. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action and the content will be removed.

7. Harassment, Trolling, Flaming and Arguments

Understandably, with such global backgrounds of all of our members, disputes and arguments will surely happen. We ask that if it does, please remain professional and take it to Private Messaging or off-site if need be. All flaming, trolling or harassment found posted in public view will be removed and the individuals involved may be banned.

8. Owners and Operator rights and all subdomains are maintained by the staff on site. If you have any concerns or feedback about content on the site, please contact us to let us know whats going on. As stated earlier, all concerns should first be routed through a moderator. We will handle all issues in a timely manner.

Please be aware that we reserve the right to modify these rules at any time. Please check back often to ensure that you are still in compliance with our site rules.