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#196 Moderators

Posted Mr0ddman on 08 June 2012 - 10:15 AM

Hi. My name is Mr0ddman, Head Moderator here at Android Revolutions.
If you have an issue with someone on this site, Moderators included, please contact me.
I will try to take care of it ASAP.

We are here to help. Not to gain Reputation.

As stated in the site rules: "We DO NOT Tolerate:
Spam, Harassment, Trolling, Flaming or Arguments.
This goes for Threads, Chat and
Personal Messages (PM).
If we do not get back to you right away, please keep in mind that we do have normal,
busy lives, and we try out hardest
to keep these forums clean.

  Below are a list of the Moderators. If you click one you will be redirected to their profile.

(You can PM them for questions, issues or anything you see fit)







#82 [Rom] Abduction Ics (V1.88A4 & V2.1A3 - Update! 6/24/2012)

Posted Hanger84 on 04 June 2012 - 04:51 PM

No more ROMs from me.

#704 [Rom] Abduction Ics (V1.88A4 & V2.1A3 - Update! 6/24/2012)

Posted Hanger84 on 23 June 2012 - 01:00 PM

View Postdemarcmj, on 08 June 2012 - 06:33 PM, said:

Someone can correct me if either of these are wrong and/or not the latest versions but these are what I understand to be the 2 "fixes" floating around
Camera Fix: http://forum.xda-dev...62#post23948162 (this link gives both the adb version and a flashable one someone made)
GPS Fis: http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1549038

On an unrelated note:
I see 6/04/12 in the title... what exactly was the update? I thought 1.85a2 was the version I already had, but maybe I'm wrong. Is that what's new? I figured there'd be more fanfare over a new verison. I'm going to be out of town for a week and want to make sure I have the latest and greatest.

As of version 1.88, these fixes are included in the ROM :)

I wanna thank all the folks that have encouraged me to keep working on this ROM and those that support it and use folks are AWESOME! Since I've publicly released Abduction ICS in March, there has been over 4600 downloads of it. That doesn't included version 2.0, or any releases I hosted from my DropBox. If I was able to get those numbers, it would likely be over 8000 downloads. To think in 3 months, there has been over 4600 verifiable downloads of my ROM is amazing!

What started off as a little project for only my phone and a couple friends has become much bigger than I thought it ever would be. I'm not a great dev like Joelz, Newtoroot, HeyItsLou, or some of the other fantastic devs out there...but I'm learning as I go. I hope the new version of Abduction becomes as popular. Anyways, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has encouraged me and helped me along the way, and those that have been patiently awaiting new releases over the past couple of months.

#848 [Rom] Neomax 1.0.1 (07/17/12) 5-Point Aosp Lock 3.14.605.10

Posted zhp pilot on 16 July 2012 - 05:41 PM

Flash in recovery.
Any mod labeled as vrtheme uses the Villain theme engine and will not work with TWRP.

Sense 4 Clock ICS


This is v4.1 of my sense 4 clock widget for Apex launcher.  It uses my simple transparent background with ICS blue geosans font numbers.

If you want it for a different launcher or want to piece together your own theme go to my thread here.


Posted Image

ICS Percent Battery


Original percent battery that came with my (IC)ICS theme.


Posted Image

ICS Non-Percent Battery


Non-percent version of my ICS battery.


Posted Image

Blue and White Lockring


Blue icons, animation and pressed ring. Static ring and selected icons are white.

vrtheme: DOWNLOAD
Flash this after a battery mod if you use one.

Posted Image

All Blue Lock Ring


by xjacobx

Same as the blue and white posted above but all lock ring elements are blue.

vrtheme: DOWNLOAD
Flash this after a battery mod if you use one.

#837 [Rom] Senseless Chaos Rls X1 [7/15/12]

Posted zhp pilot on 16 July 2012 - 03:02 PM


Looks good.

If you like the themes, like this post too please.

#756 [Rom] Abduction: The 4Th Kind V1.0 (6/30/2012)

Posted Hanger84 on 30 June 2012 - 03:33 PM


#740 [Theme Apk] Darkjelly - Cherryjelly V2.0 - [Inverted Zip] V5 8/02 New Red And...

Posted djdarkknight96 on 29 June 2012 - 05:41 PM


This theme is in it's 4th generation of android starting with DarkFroyo, DarkGinger, DarkICE and now DarkJelly.

If I had a list to thank people who helped, it would be 40 pages long so pat yourself on the back! You probably helped me one way or the other!

Special thanks to:
and many more!!
Also all my loyal theme users!!!

Bug reports are good but with good info with the report...that would help. Phone/ROM versoin/Theme version/Steps you took to get the issue!!!

As you know if you try this I am not resposible for you NOT backing up or your phone gets so sexy someone steals it!!!! Not my fault!!!!! :)

Well I guess it's time for some theme screens----here you go--->


Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image




1. Backup in recovery

2. HEY...did you back up?

3. Make sure you are on any rom that includes the theme chooser and the latest gapps here
-those Gapps are made specificly for Cyanogen mod but can be used on other roms that are based on CM - Look below the links to help move from other Gapps packages!!!

4. You backed up right? Ok just checking!

5. Download and install the apk

6. Go to menu/settings/themes/ select DarkJelly and apply....KNOWN ISSUE...
YOU WILL GET AN ERROR ABOUT ASSETS AND SCREEN SIZE BLAH BLAH...THAT IS NORMAL...SELECT APPLY ANYWAY..systemUI might crash then come back fine.If it doesn't consult your rom thread!!!..ONCE DONE REBOOT or flash in recovery inverted apps zip now!!!!

7. Enjoy the Darkness!!!

Want some Wallpapers?
Go here and get the theme chooser wallpaper app- it's free:
"Theme Chooser Wallpapers" -
Note: Theme must be applied to see the wallpapers in the app.


All Instructions are repeated on the site!!
Oh and go to my site for added goodies - look at the links I placed in my signature!!!

To remove the theme you can just flash the rom and Gapps over with no wipe and it will be gone!!!

Other free/donate/paid versions and INVERTED APPS ZIP are now on my site and have been updated:

DarkJelly FREE:
7/28 This will be the last free release for forums only - It's still jam packed with goodies - NOT LINKED ON MY SITE!!!!
THEME APK: Free version

- Mirror

- Mirror2


-Contacts and People will not let me theme it completely!!! T9 crashes when I edit the color codes! So it has been themed the best I can!!!
-Phone for some reason cannot build so you will see a blue banner going across the screen but everything else is themed!
-Camera and gallery will depend on your gapps. I have the correct package name and it works on CM Gapps perfectly. If someone has issues use the Gapps I posted above and on my site to fix it!!

Might be more so let me know and Once these are fixed ,if possible,I will remove them from the list!!!


DJ Darkknight

#409 [ROM][06.11.12][RUU - 3.14.605.10 Stock, Rooted, Deodex, Zipaligned]

Posted Hanger84 on 10 June 2012 - 11:45 PM

Here's the latest RUU that was leaked just a few hours ago. Here's what I did:


I didn't debloat it, or tweak or add's pure stock. Enjoy.


#38 Welcome!

Posted IAmTheOneTheyCallNeo on 01 June 2012 - 04:12 PM

Welcome to Android Revolutions!!!

  This site was born of the enthusiastic spirit of a few friends and has been a long time dream in the making. We are dedicated with providing a family oriented environment wherein friendships can grow and software, ideas, and everything android can be shared. Please take the time to introduce yourself and give as breif or as long of a description about yourself as you like. Also, don't forget to check our Site Rules listed at the far upper left corner of your screen and guests are welcomed in our chat room!

Thank you for coming and again we welcome you!

-Android Revolutions Team

#1065 Let's Get To Work!

Posted shrike1978 on 03 December 2012 - 12:56 PM

FWIW, I've made the decision to do all of my new releases from this point out primary on this site.  Hopefully that should generate some traffic.  Maybe not a lot, but every little bit helps, right?

#1063 Let's Get To Work!

Posted mbobino on 30 November 2012 - 08:13 PM

Hello everyone!

First I'd like to take a minute to explain what's been going on with me and why I haven't been around lately. Most everyone knows that back in June I had my first child. He's been a handful these past few months and I haven't had time for any of the extra activities I'm usually involved with like the site here and building roms like I used to. I've just recently started a new job that is looking really promising in giving me a good chunk of extra time to work on some of the things I enjoy doing. With that being said, I'd like to reinvest into AR and really try to get our site moving again.

A few weeks back we moved to a new host (AndroidFileHost) and made a few behind the scene changes. What I'm proposing is that we completely revamp the site into something bigger and better. Now, before anyone goes and gets upset I'm not talking about adding WinMo devices or anything extreme but I am talking about a new (better, much better) theme, a better system of organizing devices, promoting the site, and also trying to make the site self-sufficient in terms of paying for itself.

I wanted to start this thread as a place for everyone to pitch in ideas they think will benefit both the site and it's users. Hopefully neo will come along and help me out with all of this so we can make this a reality.

On that note, feel free to post anything and everything you can think of. No suggestion is too small or unimportant. I want to hear everything, just be ready to back up why you think it can help and if you can help implement it.

Thanks in advance to everyone who is willing to help make AR a great place.


#1001 Site News 10/28/12

Posted mbobino on 28 October 2012 - 04:57 PM

Just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that we've recently moved from Vexxhost to AndroidFilehost for our sites hosting plan. Alex has very graciously offered us some space (which makes him freaking awesome!) to call home. Also, we are looking at making some changes here and there to provide a better user experience, don't worry though, nobody's info/posts/data will be lost nor will anyone be kicked from any position that they may hold.

We've got a few ideas floating around that we're looking into, one of which is removing all of the sub forums that see no development activity and implement a way for developers/themers/owners to request said device be added. For example, if I have a gnex but I don't cook roms, then the gnex section would be added for general and q&a only. As soon as a developer makes a request, we'll add a development section. Keep in mind that this is just an idea and I definitely welcome feedback on the idea.

There's a few more ideas we have but I'll think about posting them later.

#924 Welcome!

Posted cadete49 on 08 August 2012 - 08:58 AM

hello am here to learn

good life for all

#9 [Resolved] data base error

Posted mbobino on 30 May 2012 - 04:41 PM

We are working tirelessly to address this issue. Full site functionality should be restored shortly.

#759 [Rom] Abduction: The 4Th Kind V1.0 (6/30/2012)

Posted Hanger84 on 30 June 2012 - 03:33 PM

Guess what!

Yup, another!

#693 [Rom] Abduction Ics (V1.88A4 & V2.1A3 - Update! 6/24/2012)

Posted Hanger84 on 22 June 2012 - 07:23 AM

So, I have some AWESOME least I think it is! Since I can't stop making more work for myself, here's a slight preview at something to come that's related to Abduction ICS: The 4th kind!

Also, me and Hakarune have been working on the boot animation tonight to get it perfected and my chin is still on the floor at how awesome this boot animation is turning out! I should have a test build ready in a few hours that I'll post here and on my site, as well as Android Revolutions! Also, keep in mind this will be a slightly rough test build, but mostly a small preview of the changes made to the rom.

*EDIT* Well, after pulling an all nighter, the new test build is just moments away from being ready. I'm going to do one more final, personal test and if nothing immediate sticks out, I'll be uploading it and posting the links here and on my blog......then probably get some sleep lol

Also, this final personal test will let me know what version to set it as.....since it's highly likely that this will FINALLY be a new 2.0+ that AOKP supports it in part....well see how the kernel meshes with it.

*EDIT 2* SON OF A NUTCRACKER! I broke WiFi.....might take a bit to get it working again Posted Image

*EDIT 3* Well, WiFi works now, making a couple build.prop tweaks, then uploading the new build.....HWA is partial, Chrome works, but Youtube is still broke. On a big plus though, the ROM is the fastest it's ever been....or at least is seems that way to me. I'll work on getting youtube working again after I get some sleep.

*EDIT 4* New test build is up! Here's the links:

Enjoy! I know there's a little graphics bug on the lock screen.....nothing major and nothing that will mess with being able to unlock the phone or change the lock screen options....I'll be working on it later today after I get some sleep.

Forgot to mention, I added in PureMotives battery tweaks. To enable them, go into ROM Control, check Enable start-up tweaks, and Enable sysctl. Later today when I work on the rom some more, I'm going to try to enable this by default.

#653 [Rom] Abduction Ics (V1.88A4 & V2.1A3 - Update! 6/24/2012)

Posted Hanger84 on 19 June 2012 - 10:01 PM

Rather than copy and pasting the news on the new build, here's the link to the post on my site about whats been going on and whats to come:

#592 Android Revolutions Has A New Google+ Page!

Posted Kristopher-Riv on 16 June 2012 - 02:52 AM

You can go ahead and follow the new page by clicking this link Google+ Page

Click here to view the article

#497 [ROM][06.11.12][RUU - 3.14.605.10 Stock, Rooted, Deodex, Zipaligned]

Posted Hanger84 on 12 June 2012 - 08:28 AM

No, haven't fixed the busybox issue yet. I had already uploaded it and posted before I found out. However, I'm going be using this RUU for my Rezound ROM....but I may have found what I'm going to use as a base for the senseless ROM I wanna do.

#116 [Rom] Condemned CM7.2 Stable (2.3.7) V15 (6/21/2012)

Posted CondemnedSoul on 06 June 2012 - 04:18 PM

Posted Image [ROM] Condemned CM7.2 (2.3.7) V14 (6/2/2012)

cyanogen of course for the source
Chad and tiny for the kernel
workshed, conap and gnarlyc for their help getting me started and answering all my questions
Bobcat331 and scotty85 for testing, contributing and instigating me.
CUViper and PonsAsinorem for the BlueTooth fix
The entire Eris community for their support and contributions along the way.

This is a modified and tweaked version of CM7. Features chad's Incredikernel with smartass v2. It also now uses ICS Roboto font.

Dalvik and cache wipe only should be fine for most.

Condemned CM7 V15

Thanks to for the file hosting

CyanogenMod merged changelog

Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

6/21/12 - resync with cm source, fix wifi

6/2/12 - resync with CM source
3/4/12 - Resync with CM source, fix market issues and missing shared lib
errors, fix mod version in build.prop to reflect V13
2/3/12 - Resynced with CM source.
1/14/12 - Resynced with CM source.
1/08/12 - Resynced with CM source. Removed Stripped 2 Hell version for now.
Adjusted tweaks and build prop. See CM changelog for full source
11/05/11 - Some tweaks adjustments and added BT fix from Pons and CUViper
10/23/11 - updated to CM7.1 Stable, Change to ICS Roboto font, added S2H version, more tweaks including portions of Dsextons universal adrenaline shot, updated to 10/08 incredikernel, removed 3d Gallery in place of QuickPic
8/13/11 - resynced with CM Source, added Juwe11's RamScript
7/12/11 - resynced with CM Source, modded build prop and boot image, changed boot animation.
6/30/11 - resynced with CM Source. Upgraded to chad's latest kernel.

As always What you do to your device is your choice not mine. If anything happens to your device it's your problem not mine.

Enjoy Posted Image
CondemnedSoul on Facebook
CondemnedSoul on Twitter

All donations go towards providing food and homes for stray cats and dogs.