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Samsung Galaxy Note after two weeks

Jun 26 2012 01:58 AM | Hawk8509 in News

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone for everybody!

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Android Revolutions is on Facebook

Jun 25 2012 03:23 PM | Kristopher-Riv in News

Site Announcement

Android Revolutions is now on Facebook you can find us by going to this link

Android Revolutions Facebook Page

Make sure to like the page to get the latest news right on your Facebook!

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Samsung Galaxy S III, a big BOOM!?!?

Jun 21 2012 07:51 PM | deviant android in News

After the extreme hype of the newest Galaxy S device, everyone wants it. But at what cost, and is this a new fault??

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Sony Xperia Ion

Jun 20 2012 12:54 AM | Hawk8509 in Upcoming Devices

Looking for a HD LTE device? Maybe this new Sony Xperia is right up your alley.

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Twelve ways to customize your android device

Jun 18 2012 07:50 PM | deviant android in News

Working my way around the news stand here on the inter-web I cam across an article written on Cnet and I have to say it really hits the nail on the head. So many people are novice to android and ask me these questions everyday. I was writing a version of this same topic, but I really can't compete here. So read, enjoy, and PLEASE share this with your friends.

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CruzerLite Interview

Jun 18 2012 07:29 PM | deviant android in News

Our own Stiggy had a great time interviewing the Director of Marketing for CruzerLite, Scotty Brown.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Appears Briefly On Am...

Jun 17 2012 02:30 PM | Ryan Dizzle in News

With the recent and surprising success of Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet, the world's largest smartphone maker looks to be releasing a full tablet version called the Galaxy Note 10.1. Speculation towards a late July release has been raised due to recent showings of the 10.1 on Amazon.

A pre-order page for the 10.1 on Amazon's website appeared briefly for a few days until Samsung had it pulled. Reasons for the pull are unknown albeit rumors are implying that Samsung wasn't ready to take pre-orders due to last minute revisions.

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