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Twelve ways to customize your android device

Working my way around the news stand here on the inter-web I cam across an article written on Cnet and I have to say it really hits the nail on the head. So many people are novice to android and ask me these questions everyday. I was writing a version of this same topic, but I really can't compete here. So read, enjoy, and PLEASE share this with your friends.

Customizing your smartphone, or any device for that matter, is a right of passage for all of us. By customizing, you turn a standard looking device that millions of users may be carrying around, into something that is truly ours. It goes from a slab of plastic and rare metals, to something that is very personal.

Android users and abusers know very well how customizable their beloved devices are. We rounded up 12 ways for you to customize your Android device, whether you're a seasoned Android vet, or an Android noob, you'll want to take a look.

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Via Cnet