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Samsung Galaxy Note after two weeks

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone for everybody!
The Samsung Galaxy Note is an amazing phone! The display is well lets face it the main point to the device. Samsung went off the charts with this 5.3″ screen and it stole the show. Its funny being out and about when people ask me if its a phone. It is a very good conversation started. My people can’t believe a device of that size that’s a phone is on the market. Nobody I’ve spoken to has its to big. I even showed it off to my parents and they found as easy to see and use which I found as a surprise just because they usually don’t care much for technology. Everyone actually appreciates the larger screen and they even love the added stylus.
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I have thoroughly enjoyed using the Note. I love the larger screen myself for viewing emails, web browsing and of course watching videos. The stylus, while I see it as a bit of a gimmick actually comes in very handy and is quite comfortable to use. The integration of the stylus is great but I feel they could do more with it. For instance I find if my hand touches the screen while using the stylus it affects what I am doing. If they could make the Note recognize when the S pen is in use and be able to distinguish between touch and the S pen would be a great improvement that maybe (fingers crossed) the Note 2 will have.

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The speed of the device is great in some processes but lags in others. Most of the speed can be found in apps and the browser due to the LTE. I found lag in moving from home screens to app drawer and even a 30 second lag when opening the S Pen app for drawing/note taking.

Texting is something I do very often more than anything else besides twitter. And the only complaint I can say is the keyboards that come stock aren’t the best. The Samsung keyboard to vibrate ridiculously when typing quickly which gets on my nerves rather quickly. The stock Android keyboard surprised me for it appeared half as small as the Samsung keyboard. Now while the stock Android keyboard yielded to the vibrations it was just to small to comfortably type a lot on. I downloaded A.I. Keyboard to have a better typing experience. Now I must say beyond the keyboard, I experienced no lag on the touch response for any of the keyboards.

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Now the Note for ATT is running the 1.5Ghz dual core processor which was great for the device but I believe this device deserves only the quad core experience. The international version has quad core, the only reason its not on the ATT version is for the LTE compatiblity.

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The physical design is great to hold in the hand. I love the charging port at the bottom of devices. While the volume rocker was small I felt it placement was perfect and mostly the reason the size. The one complaint I found with the design was the power/unlock button placement. I found myself hitting it while reading articles causing the screen to lock which got annoying. I understand Samsung placed it there for easy of use with one hand but I would prefer it on the top. Still yet its not a deal breaker by any means.

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Battery life has been fantastic! I can make it almost two with light use and about 18 hours on medium to heavy use. The 2500mAh battery is the biggest battery I’ve ever used on a device and found it very useful. I wish all devices made that the minimum standard size.

I am absolutely in love with the Galaxy Note and switching to another device will appear like a down grade just due to the screen size alone. I would highly recommend this device to anyone looking for a great smartphone for business, school or just to have weather you are young or old. It is a device for all ages and all genders. Simply put a device for everyone!


Ryan Dizzle
Jun 30 2012 11:29 AM
awesome review. there's a reason why i have two notes of my own lol. i can't wait until the note 2 comes out.

Jun 30 2012 12:22 PM
That's pretty food actually!

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Gingerbread 2,3,6?  :o

I prefer CS. :P

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