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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1: Appears Briefly On Amazon, Reappears On YouTube Showing A Phone Dialer

With the recent and surprising success of Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet, the world's largest smartphone maker looks to be releasing a full tablet version called the Galaxy Note 10.1. Speculation towards a late July release has been raised due to recent showings of the 10.1 on Amazon.

A pre-order page for the 10.1 on Amazon's website appeared briefly for a few days until Samsung had it pulled. Reasons for the pull are unknown albeit rumors are implying that Samsung wasn't ready to take pre-orders due to last minute revisions.
The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

What was known from the pulled Amazon preorder page and specsheet:

-1.4 Ghz Quadcore Exynous CPU 1gb of RAM
- Integrated S-Pen and S-Pen Suite/Apps
- 10.1-inch  "Super PLS LCD Display" At 800 x 1280 pixels
- 32gb of internal Memory
- sdcard slot expandable to 64gb
- 3.2mp Rear-Camera, Full 720p video, 2mp front camera
- 7200 mah battery
- $549 Price Tag

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Release  Date: July 30th

YouTube Surprises

The latest YouTube leaks of the 10.1 affirm some of these specs along with a surprising phone dialer. In the leaked footage, the 10.1 is seen with a Telcel wallpaper. Telcel is a Mexican Telecom. The phone dialer and the Telcel promotion gives some indication that the device will support mobile broadband and possibly the ability to make phone calls.

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However, U.S. consumers may have to hold their collective breaths on whether the U.S. variant of the Galaxy Note 10.1 will come with these features as well and whether it will actually come shipped with an Exynous quadcore chip.

The Samsung Tab 7.7 model, for example has call and dial features and an Exynous chip for its international variant. The U.S. variant was locked down and only came with a Texas Instruments OMAP cpu due to LTE compatibility issues. Calling features have been locked out on the U.S. version as well.

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I want one :D 1080p screen would be nice

Ryan Dizzle
Jun 17 2012 05:01 PM

XRaptor29, on 17 June 2012 - 03:58 PM, said:

I want one :D 1080p screen would be nice

me too ;D. a 1080p screen would make it perfect. i don't know why Samsung is choosing a lower res screen vs. the Asus Prime/Infinity and the iPad2. but then again, this is all speculation ;D