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Instapaper For Android

Ever find an article you want to read but don't have time at that very moment to read it? well you may want this!
Everyone remembers when Instagram came to Android not long ago. People flocked to it thinking it was the greatest app to have. Well today another app that was iOS only has come to Android. Instapaper is a tool used to save web pages to read them later. This is the perfect tool for when you find those long articles that you may not have time to read.  I really enjoy how it gets rid of the ads surrounding stories to let you read the article itself.  It’s optimized for viewing on your tablet or Smartphone.

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It opens up with three standard folders Read Later, Liked and Archive. I like how you are given the option to add new folders for better organization.  The best core feature I see is the ability for OFFLINE viewing. That works by downloading the article to your device, which is a huge bonus for any frequent flyers out there and anyone with a busy schedule. You can download 500 articles to your tablet or phone and unlimited amounts to the Instapaper website. Also you can share the articles you save thru email, text and social networks alike.

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Some neat adjustments that can be made like seen above are having a light or dark background to the downloaded article for better viewing. Instapaper also gives you the ability to change between six different fonts which include Lyon, Tisa, Elena, Proxima Nova, Ideal Sans and FF Meta. I personally like the Ideal Sans font. Other changes include changing the margins, line spacing, font size and brightness.

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I have only had it for a few hours now since it was released and I am enjoying it. Overall the features are basic yet clean.  The only real negative to Instapaper is the $2.99 price tag, which is why I give it a 9 out 10. So if the price isn’t an issue head over to the Google Play Store now to check it out.

Instapaper for Android- $2.99
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