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A.I. Type Keyboard App Review

Have you been looking for that one keyboard that you can fall in love with?
Have you been looking for that one keyboard that you can fall in love with? With Android having several keyboards to choose from, between the Play Store and Third Party Developers it can be hard to find that keyboard that has just the right amount of customization and still have great fluidity. Well there is one keyboard that meets those qualifications. Let me introduce you to A.I. Type Keyboard.  This keyboard is the most fluid keyboard I have ever tapped on. The predictions are so spot on it blows all other keyboards out of the water. It has the usual auto-correct, auto-complete, auto-capitalization and such but there are a couple of things that set this keyboard apart from the rest. First off it has the option for Cloud-based prediction, now that doesn’t mean it’s synced to Dropbox or Google Drive. A.I. Type says it “will use psychic cloud-based prediction when online” in other words it uses the web for corrections. It also has the arrow key options, along with cut, copy and paste. One cool trick up its sleeve is the shortcuts as seen below. You can set BRB to automatically show ‘Be Right Back’, which will speed up typing and I personally find it very useful.

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Now this keyboard isn’t all about being fluid and smart. It has great customizations that put you in control. It comes with eight themes preinstalled (A.I. Type, iPhone 4,  Gingerbread Full Size buttons, Windows 8 Tablet, Regular Gingerbread, Windows Phone 7, Stock Android and a Custom Theme which allows you place any picture as the keyboards background.) They also have a yummy ice cream sandwich theme in the Play Store for .99 cents.

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Not only can you choose a theme but you can adjust the font of the keyboard from 16 preinstalled to choose from (See photos below). Also there is the option to adjust the keyboard height in portrait and landscape which is great for users with large fingers. Beyond that you can change the color of the keys and the spacebar can be a separate color. One of the color changing abilities is for the correction/predicted words that appear above the keyboard which I really like. A.I. Type also supports sixty-six languages which gives it worldwide usability.  There is one more amazing feature this keyboard supports and that is the ability to read what you have typed in the text box back to you. This feature is extremely useful when you pump out long messages, for it saves you from having to scroll thru the tiny text box just to find that everything was perfect to begin with.

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Overall the A.I. Type Keyboard is very pleasant typing experience. From all the bells and whistles down to the very smooth usability I must rate this keyboard at 10 out of 10. I highly recommend giving the free one a try and if you like it grab the donate one for $4.96 to show the developer you love their work.

A.I. Type Keyboard- FREE
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A.I. Type Keyboard Plus- $4.96
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A.I. Type Tablet Keyboard- Free 18 day trial
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