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Android Gaming Part 3

n my Four  week independent study of Android gaming i've decided to do a three part article as one article would be to long. Part 1 the emulators I'm all about pushing android to the limits one way to do this is by emulating other devices. here are the ones i will be discussing. Part 2 will be the installation of each emulator and Party 3 will be Android Game Apps this was an independent study wich means that i was not paid by any of the apps or sites i talk about in the articles below and of course i paid for all the apps and do not condone piracy of these apps if you like what you read or it is helpful buy me a beer thanks and enjoy  
Angy Birds Space Premium
ABSP cost $0.99 and can be purchased from the Google Play Store. One of the most played spinoffs of the original Angry Birds. It features a  gravitational pull with a background of  planets stars and meteorites. It has new levels and bonus levels along with an inovative game play with those family friendly Angry Birds

Cut The Rope
CTP is a free game available from the Google Play Store and SlideMe, This is a super addictive game. All you gotta do is feed candy to a monster by using phisics. it has become one of Androidusers favorite games.

Fruit Ninja Free

FNF is a free app availible from the Google Play Store. There is a paid version with more stuff but the free version is good enough a beutiful graphical gameplay consiisting of slicing and dicing fruit one of the stress releaving games

Asphalt 6: Adrenaline
A6A is a $0.99 game availible for purchase from the Google Play Store. This game is big and should be downloaded over wifi but it is well worth it it has stunning graphics and and excelent game play along with an awesome sound track. It has 42 cars and bikes and has really cool tracks where you can race alone or with six freinds its an amazing app that is a must have for android racing fans.
Draw Something

DS is a free app availible from the Google Play Store its like charades except its on your phone. Pick a word and start drawing send to your friend if he guesses it write you win tokens to buy mor colors and brushes. Its a multiple player game only and is all about the social scene.


Minecraft is a $6.99 game avaible from the Google Play Store and is well worth the price. it is a systamatic and  creative game wich makes it apealing to most people. its simply just start building stuff. There are social aspect of the game that makes it fun for everyone.

FeildRunners HD

A $2.99 game available from the Google Play Store. one of the most popular tower defense games. the goal to place to block your enemy from reaching your gates. there are several levels and the get harder as you win each one its so addicting i guarantee all tower defense gamers will be playing it for awhile.


A free game available from the Google Play Store.The game places you as a lonely survivor of the zombie appocolips and you must protect your self by flinging the zombies there slow buit watch out be cause they creep from all over the screen.