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Android Gaming Part 2

n my Four  week independent study of Android gaming i've decided to do a three part article as one article would be to long. Part 1 the emulators I'm all about pushing android to the limits one way to do this is by emulating other devices. here are the ones i will be discussing. Part 2 will be the installation of each emulator and Party 3 will be Android Game Apps this was an independent study wich means that i was not paid by any of the apps or sites i talk about in the articles below and of course i paid for all the apps and do not condone piracy of these apps if you like what you read or it is helpful buy me a beer thanks and enjoy  
Install Guide
first thing is to go and download all the apps starting with
1. File manager - i use 7Zipper because of all the features it has but any will do as long as you can unzip files
2. Games Nesiod, Sensiod, N64iod, GBiod, GBAoid, NDS4driod, DroidGear, Gensiod, ect

3. now its time to make the first folder go to your file manger and browse to your sd card and create a new folder called -game.emu the reason we named it -game.emu is so that it is always the first folder on the sd
4. now go into our newly created folder and creat a seperate folder for each game like this NES, Snes, N64 GBC, GBA NDS DG GEn ect
5. now download Rom Leacher from or go to you favorite rom website if your using Rom Leacher download your favorite rom it will download into your download folder and it will be this is where 7Zipper comes in handy bc you can click and hold till a window pops up and tell it to extract and where to extract it so if you downloaded a N64 game you would extract it into the N64 folder
6. now navigate to your N64 emulator and once in the emulator browse to your N64 folder where those games will be located and start gaming
7. now some games require a bios file if so download Bios Archive from and download the bios file and move it to the game folder of that game and as always GAME ON