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Android Revolutions
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Android Gaming Part 1

In my Four  week independent study of Android gaming i've decided to do a three part article as one article would be to long. Part 1 the emulators I'm all about pushing android to the limits one way to do this is by emulating other devices. here are the ones i will be discussing. Part 2 will be the installation of each emulator and Party 3 will be Android Game Apps this was an independent study wich means that i was not paid by any of the apps or sites i talk about in the articles below and of course i paid for all the apps and do not condone piracy of these apps if you like what you read or it is helpful buy me a beer thanks and enjoy  
Nintendo   Emulator

NES - Nesiod  is free and available from the Google Play Store
and also SlideMe. If your looking for a simple but full featured NES Emulator
Nesiod is the one its free. So for those of us on a budget this is an amazing plus on. It also has save states fast forward allows you to use cheats an
multiplayer either over wifi or bluetooth. It also has the ability to use virtual keys hardware keys and also bluetooth devices. now all you need is roms wich we will discuss in depth at a later time. but best app for roms is Rom Leacher at

Super Nintindo

Snes - Sensiod  is a free and available from The Google Play Store and also from SlideMe. This app has an amazing  performance
i played a dozen games on it and it never once froze. It also has options to restrict graphics for low budget phones also has sound options to suit your fancy and of course it supports cheats game saves wireless multiplayer and complete customizable virtual keys.
and you can find roms from Rom Leacher downloadable at

Nintindo 64

N64 - N64iod  cost $4.99 USD and can be purchased from the Google Play Store as well as SlideME (good root users that dont have Google Wallet) yes you can emulate N64 on most android phones not as customizeble as the others it does has virtual and bluetooth suport witch are fully customizeable. Even with the missing stuff such as cheats and multi player its proformance is above the rest and this will very per game. and roms can be downloaded from Rom Leacher wich is availible from

Game Boy and Game boy Color
GB, GBC - GBiod  is a free app availible from the  Google Play Store and SlideMe. This emulator as support for both Game Boy and Game Boy Color and it alllows cheats fastforward Save States  and complete coustomobilty from the twenty year old hand held game system. and as before both Game Boy And Game Boy Color have downloadible roms from Rom Leacher downladable from

Game Boy Advance

GBA - GBAoid (also called Gameboid) is a free app availible from the Goolge Play Store and SlideMe . Android plays these without prejiduce and preforms like a star i have played with this emulator for hours and took me back its just like playing the real thing its got all the the things you look for in an emulator save games cheas fastforwads you will need a bios file which i will talk about in depth in the set up guide Part 2 of the article but if you feel you needed it now check out the Bios Archive and Rom Leacher from

Nintindo Ds

NDS - NDS4driod is a free app available from the Google Play
Store and SlideMe. Not like the other emulators its slow and didn't have all the features i was looking for but its still in development and was better than others I tried it does look promising  if you plan on playing with it be sure you have a fast phone low budget phones just won't cut it and as before Rom Leacher does have roms for it look for it on
Sega - DroidGear  availble on the Google play store along with the bios it is slow and just started there is no sound and updates are happing all the time ass updates come out i will edit and repost this so that it will be always up to date there are roms availible from Rom Leacher which can be downloaded at

Master System and Game Gear

MS, GG - Geariod is a free app available from the Google Play Store and SlideME. yes you can emulate the Master System and Game gear  with the same app and as your quickly understanding most of the oid emulator apps have save states fast forward and a wonderful virtual and physical controller customisation  and of cours both roms are availible from Rom Leacher from

Mega Drive / Genesis

MD, Gen - Gensiod is a free app availible form the Google Play Store and SlideME. This app is very simialr to Snesiod and you guessed it it has save states cheats fastforward and wireless multiplayer and the ability to change your controls and can you bielieve that Rom leacher has roms for this app??? check it out at

Atari 2600
Atari - Atariod is a free app availble from the Goolge Play Store.
an amzing emulator that alows you to mapp keys to recreat the orignal console. it also alows bl;uetooth controls and lots of audio and video along with save states And yes Rom Leache has the roms downloadble from