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Amazon Seeks Patents, Foxconn To Build Its Android Phone

Before A Smartphone Release, Amazon Intends on Building A Patented Line of Defense

According to recent article from Bloomberg, Amazon is very close to building its own Android smartphone. The company is said to be in talks with Foxconn to build much of its hardware from the ground up.

Foxconn is widely known to be the leading partner of Apple and manufacturer of a number of Apple products, namely the iPhone and iPAD. By aligning itself with Foxconn, Amazon seeks to protect itself from patent litigation.

Amazon also has been looking to expand its patent portfolio. It recently tried to purchase wireless patents from a Seattle-based firm called InterDigital.

Amazon has also hired Matt Gordon, who once helped oversee over 35,000 "intellectual property assets" for Microsoft.

Given the patent wars between Apple and Google Android OEM's such as HTC, Samsung, and Motorola, Amazon has taken a very cautious and grounded approach in trying to build its own smartphone.

Given its recent success and entrance in to the tablet market with the Kindle Fire, Amazon hopes to break ground with in the smartphone market as well.

As it stands, Amazon leads the marketshare for Android tablets, overtaking Samsung and Asus.

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