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Adobe Officially Halts Flash Support For Android

Back in November, Adobe officially announced that they will halt their support for Android to strengthen their focus on Flash for the PC. Yesterday, their blog posted an update and statement regarding their now, official departure from Android.

So What does this mean for Android?

- Jellybean 4.1 will not have future flash support. Adobe's departure only means they will no longer support or offer security or software updates for Android 4.1 and beyond.

- Adobe recommends that you uninstall Flash on any existing devices already running Android 4.1 due to losing future security support/updates

- Flash can still be used on Android 4.0 thru devices running 2.2; Adobe will support the existing and latest Flash software for existing phones with security updates.

So What Now? HTML5?

Two years ago, former Apple CEO and now deceased, Steve Jobs openly denounced Adobe Flash for its instability and security issues in explaining why iOS never supported it.

Web developers, however, were quick to adapt by using and adopting HTML5 instead, an arguably more stable and smoother video streaming experience on the iphone.

Since HTML5 is compatible across ios and android devices, it will likely fill the void that Adobe Flash for Android will leave.

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Jun 30 2012 12:19 PM
I agree with the predicted assessment. Adobe should have kept stake in Android as that is where the future is going.

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