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Jellybean Port Reaches The Samsung Galaxy SIII

Jun 30 2012 10:19 AM | Ryan Dizzle in News

It looks like the good folks over at XDA are at it again, this time with an unofficial port of Android 4.1 Jellybean for the International version of the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Taken from the actual XDA thread:

Based On: What Works:
  • ADB
  • Touchscreen
  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Notification LED
  • Cellular Rado (But No Audio so no Calls)
  • Physical Buttons
  • SMS
  • Accelerometer
  • Charging
  • Maybe More
What Doesn't work:
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth/NFC
  • Audio
  • Camera
  • MTP
  • Storage
  • Maybe more

With a laundry list of what's NOT working, this should be considered a working alpha build.

You can see a Youtube preview of the build and how to flash it here.

Keep in mind, this is for the i9300 Galaxy S3 and not the American Version. So flash with caution and to your heart's content.

The credit of this unofficial port goes to XDA members and devs Faaryab and Randomblame

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Google Sound Search Widget

Jul 02 2012 12:10 AM | Hawk8509 in Latest Apps

I found this over at here is the Link to article


Here is the Direct Download link to the widget.


I have to agree with AndroidSpin in that it is really faster than other Music ID apps.

Here is what the widget looks like and I like that it doesnt open anything it just starts listening as soon as you tap it.

Posted Image

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Adobe Officially Halts Flash Support For Android

Jun 30 2012 10:52 AM | Ryan Dizzle in News

Back in November, Adobe officially announced that they will halt their support for Android to strengthen their focus on Flash for the PC. Yesterday, their blog posted an update and statement regarding their now, official departure from Android.

So What does this mean for Android?

- Jellybean 4.1 will not have future flash support. Adobe's departure only means they will no longer support or offer security or software updates for Android 4.1 and beyond.

- Adobe recommends that you uninstall Flash on any existing devices already running Android 4.1 due to losing future security support/updates

- Flash can still be used on Android 4.0 thru devices running 2.2; Adobe will support the existing and latest Flash software for existing phones with security updates.

So What Now? HTML5?

Two years ago, former Apple CEO and now deceased, Steve Jobs openly denounced Adobe Flash for its instability and security issues in explaining why iOS never supported it.

Web developers, however, were quick to adapt by using and adopting HTML5 instead, an arguably more stable and smoother video streaming experience on the iphone.

Since HTML5 is compatible across ios and android devices, it will likely fill the void that Adobe Flash for Android will leave.

Article Sources:


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Android Revolutions is on YouTube

Jun 27 2012 03:25 PM | Kristopher-Riv in News

Site Announcement

Android Revolutions is now on YouTube make sure that you watch our channel for new videos!

YouTube Channel

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Samsung Galaxy Note after two weeks

Jun 26 2012 01:58 AM | Hawk8509 in News

The Samsung Galaxy Note is a phone for everybody!

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Android Revolutions is on Facebook

Jun 25 2012 03:23 PM | Kristopher-Riv in News

Site Announcement

Android Revolutions is now on Facebook you can find us by going to this link

Android Revolutions Facebook Page

Make sure to like the page to get the latest news right on your Facebook!

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Samsung Galaxy S III, a big BOOM!?!?

Jun 21 2012 07:51 PM | deviant android in News

After the extreme hype of the newest Galaxy S device, everyone wants it. But at what cost, and is this a new fault??

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